Rent Electric Bicycles

The Laagen valley begs to be explored on two wheels. There are multitudes of rides to explore that will fit your level of experience, fitness and skill. And since it’s good to get a little extra push every now and then, all our bikes are fully equipped with electric motors, adding the little extra panache in order for you to truly enjoy the ride. And do not worry – there are hundreds of kilometers of wonderful bike trails surrounded by rivers, cliffsides, waterfalls – and the Laagen forest.

This is what you can except if you’re renting at bike at Laagen:

  • Rates: NOK 450 per day
  • Giant E-bike with a 500W battery (range of 60–100 km)
  • Access to a bike between 10:00 and 20:00.
  • Equipment for repairs.

Rent an e-bike here

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voksne klatrer i klatreparken Høyt & Lavt hos Laagen

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park

If you enjoy the occasional thrill, you’ll be pleased to know that Scandinavia’s largest climbing park is only a stone’s throw away from Laagen. Providing ample space and thrill for any skill level or age, Høyt og Lavt is a perfect place for family fun, team building activities or an exciting date with a significant other. Featuring no less than 254 obstacles, the Høyt og Lavt activity park leaves you with a decent rush of adrenaline – regardless of skill level.

If you count yourself among the really brave and thrill-seeking ones, you should definitely check out the zip line crossing the Laagen River before calling it a day.

All who visit Laagen get 20% off tickets to the climbing park

Check out Høyt & Lavt’s website here.

Laagen - Fottur

Hiking in Laagen Valley

Wonderful scenery, prepared trails and lots of dirt roads lay the groundwork for countless trips in the Laagen valley area. Enjoy the breadth of experiences nearby, including tranquil cultural experiences in the Kjærra water park, behold serene lakes or enjoy the rush of doing the top hikes. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a trail novice, the Laagen Valley has something great to offer.

Fishing in Numedalslågen

If you want to fish in one of the greats salmon rivers in Noway, a lake or a pond you need a license.
For more information and where to buy a fishing license.

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