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Unique food experiences. made with local ingredients.

Food menu

Local food

Laagen offers a carefully curated assortment of local and varied food experiences. We focus on high quality produce sourced within a short distance from Laagen. The food is natural, rich in taste – and prepared with love.

Breakfast box  (2 people)


Cheese from Skarrbo farm, Røros butter, 2 boiled eggs, yoghurt from Skarrbo/Røros, granola, rhye bread, apple jam, tomato & cucumber, dried fruit along with apple juice from Knatten.

Ragu with pasta (2 people)


Tasty ragu with pork, moose and ox. Contains celery.

Ready to heat and serve. Today’s dessert included.

Cheese and cured meat (2 people)


A delicious assortment of cheese from Skarrbo and cured meat from Virgenes farm. Contains lactose and gluten.


Juice (0,33l): 

Soft drinks (0,5l): 49,-

Non-alcoholic Beer (0,33l): 55,-

Beer (4 x 0,33l): 275,-

Red Wine (0,7l): 350,-

White wine (0,7l): 350,-

Prosecco (0,7l): 350,-

All prices are included VAT.
All dishes are delivered directly to the cabin before arrival.

Please note:

Food and drinks has to be ordered simultaneously with the booking of your stay – or a minimum of 7 days before arrival.

Please let us know about potential food allergies upon ordering. Food can be ordered all days.


Food order cancellations follow the same rules as for general booking cancellations at Laagen. Please consult the FAQ for more information.