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Our story

In 2017, we started dreaming up a destination connecting humans with nature.


place for retreat, relaxation and refocus. A safe haven for creative thinking, good eating and sound sleeping. Enter Laagen, a slow-paced shelter from everyday strive and commotion. A place surrounded by serene stillness – and with no light pollution. A place to experience nature, find rest, build relationships and do good work.

Only 1 hour 20 mins away from Oslo, Laagen is a secluded, yet very accessible getaway. Bring your loved one – or bring your colleagues. We'd love to have you.

Our story

Laagen is a collaboration between the activity park Høyt & Lavt, digital agency Agens and modern getaway manufacturer Nature Compact Living.

The project started in 2017 - when Agens started tinkering with the idea to build a destination for design sprints and concept work. After having searched for a proper land plot for some time, Agens was introduced to Nature Compact Living (NCL), a Norwegian startup working on efficient and carefully designed glass containers with a focus on panoramic nature experiences. NCL had already been in dialogue with Scandinavia's biggest activity park for a while around building a nature resort – and from there, the collaboration went from idea ot actualization quite fast. We started building in January 2020 – and opened Laagen to the public in july the same year.

Our strongest wish for our humble nature resort is to provide our guests with Nordic, comfortable aesthetics, beautiful and natural surroundings – and ample space to breathe.


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