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Meet with nature.

Laagen consists of 5 Glass Containers, 3 Cabins and a Workshop Hub.


ll of them provide spacious terraces, pleasant views towards both the river and the forest – and they have top class amenities made with careful attention to detail.

They are all built around our ethos: "Meet With Nature". Our strongest wish is for our guests to experience natural surroundings, to have an amazing night's sleep – and maybe also get a tiny spark of inspiration to slow down our busy lives just a little.

The Glass Containers

Sliding doors all across the main side. Glass ceiling in the bedroom. A well-equipped kitchen and a daybed to curl up in with a good cup of coffee. Our 5 glass containers provide an intense meeting with the surrounding nature.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows with a fully reflective surface let you behold the beauty of the surroundings no matter the weather. And taking a shower is a spectacle in itself, giving you a nice view toward the Laagen river.

A spartan, functional nordic interior lets you focus on what goes on outside. Still, sliding the doors aside lets you enjoy the outdoor area. The terrace – with its recessed hammock – gives you many reasons to spend time outside. Soak up the sun, read a book whilst listening to the white noise from the river – or simply gather around the gaslit fireplace.

Read more about the Glass Containers here.

The Treetop Cabin

In order to experience the true Norwegian cabin life, look no further. With its wooden interior and beautiful terrace overlooking the river, The Laagen treetop cabin Hallingskarvet gives you many reasons to stay. Even getting into the cabin is an experience in itself. Climb the hanging wooden bridges strung up between the trees, Open the door, put some logs in the fireplace – and breathe.

Read more about the Treetop Cabin here.

The Forest Cabins

Made for families that enjoy a proper forest exploration, the Forest Cabins are comfortable, furnished with modern Nordic interior – and with ample space to cook, sleep and relax.

The Forest Cabins are our newest addition to the Laagen family. If you are looking for an exotic getaway surrounded by foliage, river sizzles and a sense of serenity, the Forest Cabins are a good alternative.

Read more about the Forest Cabins here.

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Combine indoor comfort with an intense forest experience.

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Surrounded by mighty trees and foliage, the Forest Cabins are perfect for couples and families.

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The Laagen treetop cabin gives you a taste of the true Norwegian cabin life - 8 meters above ground.

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Enjoy stunning views in a space carefully designed for meetings, conferences and workshops.

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