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the laagen workshop experience

Remotely present.

At Laagen, we went out of our way to design a workshop space like no other.

jan ove kjøndal, co-founder

aagen is not only a getaway for families and couples in love. We wanted to create a truly inspiring space to do workshops, board meetings, creative processes – and more.

The Laagen Hub has been carefully designed for up to 12 people. The combination of a retreat-like stay, stimulating meeting surroundings along with fellowship over a meal is a great combination that gives tangible results.

It's natural. It's also science.

According to research, humans benefit greatly from being in natural surroundings. Bringing co-workers or partners to a dedicated meeting space designed around this principle bodes for well-being – and tangible results as a consequence of clear thinking.

Foto: Morten Rakke

All in one place.

Laagen provides the perfect backdrop for good conversations, workshops and outcomes. Hi-speed wifi and video conferencing, a huge TV hidden in the wall, a fantastic, handcrafted kitchen along with comfortable options for a good overnight stay makes for great workshops or conferences enveloped in spectacular nature.

Photo: Mari Gjørv

Let's tailor your optimal stay.

Whether you want to host a kickoff, a workshop, an M&A negotiation or a design sprint, we would love to create the optimal experience in close collaboration with you. Whether you'd like to cook on your own or prefer to have every meal created, we are able to accommodate your every need. Please contact us here for more information.