In 2017, we started dreaming about building a destination to help humans reconnect with nature.

A place for retreat, relaxation and refocus. A safe haven for creative thinking, good eating and sound sleeping. Enter Laagen, a slow-paced shelter from everyday strive and commotion. A place surrounded by serene stillness – and with no light pollution. A place to experience nature, find rest, build relationships and do good work. Only 1 hour 20 mins away from Oslo, Laagen is a secluded, yet very accessible getaway.



Agens, Norwegian provider of digital products and concepts for the last 15 years. Arranges design sprints, helps startups and spins out new business models together with partners. Agens has worked with BBC, NRK, Apple, Schibsted and more.


Høyt & Lavt, Scandinavia’s biggest activity park provider. Currently running 14 climbing and activity parks around Norway, Høyt og Lavt helps families and companies connect and spend quality time in the lush Norwegian nature.

NCL logo

Nature Compact Living, a provider of next-generation living spaces built on a rock-solid foundation of spartan Nordic aesthetics paired with Scandinavian craftsmanship.


Lundhs, a Vestfold-based provider of sustainable stone products, provide their pristine materials for use in the workshop hub. Lundhs has been featured in publications like Wallpaper and Monocle.

Fjordfiesta, a Norwegian furniture provider that is spearheading the Scandinavian furniture movement. Fjordfiesta recreates Norwegian furniture classics and builds new ones in collaboration with acclaimed designers.

Hamran is a bespoke furniture provider with a long tradition for precise and handcrafted designs built with sustainable and local materials. Hamran deliver a beautifully designed kitchen along with a custom bed, bathroom furniture and a table for meetings and fellowship around meals.

Laagen Tur, if you find yourself in need of transportation from Torp or any other location; don’t hesitate to contact Laagen Tur. They can be reached at ole@laagentur.no