The glass containers

Panoramic sliding doors overlooking the river. Moon- and starlight through the bedroom ceiling window. A well-equipped kitchen – and a daybed that invites you to enjoy your morning coffee. The 5 glass containers give you an intensely beautiful experience of nature, normally associated with sleeping outdoors.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a nordic, spartan interior design helps you to focus on the nature around you. If you’d like to invite the outdoor experience even closer, feel free to slide the doors fully open. Just like that, you can let your senses enjoy the soothing sizzle from the Laagen river and the fresh forest scent. Out on the terrace, you can lie down and relax in the huge hammock net – or cozy up in a chair by the gas-powered fireplace.

The containers accommodate up to 4 people and consist of a super comfortable double bed, a combined kitchen and living room – along with a daybed sporting two mattresses.

Practical information


Suspension tents

At Laagen, we have two suspension tents that can serve as an extra bedroom. The suspension tents are perfect for adventurous kids who’d like an overnight stay with an optimal outdoorsy feel.


Food and drink

 The Glass Containers are equipped with what you need to cook your own food. However, if you’d like to order meals prepared by us, please contact us post@visitlaagen.no.

Food can be ordered during these periods:

  • April 24th – Oct 17th – all days
  • Rest of year: Monday – Friday (excl. Weekends and red days)