The treetop cabin

Ever dreamed of enjoying beautiful surroundings from the comfort of a treetop cabin? At Laagen, we are happy to provide you with an unforgettable stay 8 meters above ground in our treetop cabin Hallingskarvet. Enjoy a well-equipped cabin comprising of a wooden stove, great kitchen facilities, a spacious terrace, panoramic views toward the surrounding forest – and the soothing sound of the nearby Laagen river. The suspension bridges leading up to the cabin are also something special.

Sleeping up to 4 people, the treetop cabin is the perfect getaway spot for couples and families in search of a serene, authentic experience of nature. With its wooden interior and huge windows, nature is an inseparable part of the stay even when relaxing inside.

The treetop cabin consists of 2 separate sleeping sections, a kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Enjoy late evenings in front of the wood-fired oven, cook your own favorite food – and bring a glass of wine out on the terrace. If you bring kids, they’ll be happy to know that they can climb into their own alcove.

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Laagen is founded upon use of nature-friendly materials. Therefore, the Treetop Cabin has been made with sustainability in mind. Built by massive wood elements, the indoor climate is amazing all year round. Priser / Booking.

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Suspension tents

At Laagen, we have two suspension tents that can serve as an extra bedroom. The suspension tents are perfect for adventurous kids who’d like an overnight stay with an optimal outdoorsy feel.

Food and drink

The treetop cabin is equipped with what you need to cook your own food. However, if you’d like to order meals prepared by us, please contact us post@visitlaagen.no

Food can be ordered during these periods:

Monday – Friday (excl. Weekends and red days)