Laagen is the perfect getaway to do proper work.

With a short distance from Oslo and a central location in Eastern Norway, Laagen is the perfect place for meetings, conferences and workshops. Beautiful views, subdued acoustics and good lighting conditions form a good backdrop for productive conversations. The stay can of course be combined with accommodation, activities and food.

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at the workshop hub in Laagen is the view of the river. 180-degree panoramic windows from floor to ceiling let nature into the meeting room and create an atmosphere that is difficult not to be calmed and inspired by.

Laagen is equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities. With an 82-inch TV, microphone and speaker solutions and high-speed internet, most needs are met to be able to conduct meetings with external participants. The large windows are also perfect for both post-it notes or scribbling directly on the glass surfaces. Laagen hub is suitable for up to 12 people.

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Laagen Hub kjøkken

Hand crafted 

The kitchen is carefully hand-built by the excellent craftsmen at Hamran Snekkerverksted.

The workshop hub is designed to be a place where people gather around amazing food experiences. If you feel like it, you might enjoy the process of preparing it together as a group as well.

Luxury view

The second floor of the workshop hub consists of a hidden bedroom.
A remote-controlled ladder takes you up to a square double bed, generous windows – and an unobstructed view toward the Laagen river.

Matservering i møterommet til Laagen

The Great 

With its spacious outdoor patio, the workshop hub also provides a picturesque place to gather around the barbeque.

At night, the fireplace is a natural place to gather over a glass of wine.

Activities for everyone

Our partner Høyt & Lavt has for over 10 years tailored activities for everyone. With a focus on collaboration, the activities are adapted to your group. See Numedalslågen from a zipline trip or do collaborative tasks on the ground out in the woods. The nature in Lågendalen is a perfect starting point for the good nature experiences outdoors.

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